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A 21 years old software engineering student from Pakistan, dedicated to make a name for myself in the world of technology – I was never good at studies. The main reason being, all great people run counter to false traditions of society. While my parents, like most of parents, wanted me to be a doctor or engineer when I would grow up, I started looking for something else. My aim has never been to do something for money, but to do something so great that I can help others around. I realized it at early age that if I follow the path set by my parents, I might never be able to achieve the goals and the dreams I have. My first step in world of blogging was Farmvillers. At first, as expected, I did not get any support from my family. However, I kept on working and soon my family realized that I was going in a right direction and I made a right choice for my career.

It was just a start. Working at Farmvillers equipped me with the tools needed to construct the world of my dreams. My first contribution to world of technology is TechBeasts. This site is well-known for its credibility and transparency, it maintains with its viewers. I’ve  helped many people to start a good career, out of which Hayder Ameen is one, running today which happens to be a great and a successful identity over the internet.

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